Christian Jankowski: Frankenstein Set (Christoph Keller Editions)

  • Publish Date: 2008-07-01
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Henry Jenkins;Martin Breutigam;Melissa Ragona;Christian Jankowski;Steffen Hantke
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Christian Jankowski's films, photographs and sculptures make ingenious play with the vocabulary of the horror movie, a genre traditionally inimical to high art treatment. But Jankowski loves to thwart exclusion, and has built a singular oeuvre from his imaginative takes on horror. In Playing Frankenstein (2006) Jankowski found a young actor who was convinced he was Boris Karloff and challenged him to a game of chess; in Angels of Revenge (also 2006) he persuaded visitors to an academic conference on horror to enact fantasized revenge scenarios. In other works, he has deliberately conjoined the practice of horror film-making with academic discourse on film, making grist for his unique vision from both realms. This chunky little pocket book, part of an artist's project series edited by Christoph Keller, offers an examination of the genre from Jankowski's perspective, presenting theoretical texts, interviews, stills, props and transcripts from Jankowski's films.