Can He Play?: A Look At Baseball Scouts and Their Profession (SABR Digital Library) (Volume 1)

  • Publish Date: 2011-11-15
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Jim Sandoval
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Includes over 100 photos. They dig through tons of coal to find a single diamond. They spend countless hours traveling miles and miles on lonely back roads and way too much time in hotels. Their front offices expect them to constantly pro- vide player reports and updates. So much of their time is spent away from family and friends, missing birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Their best friend is Rand Mc- Nally. Always asking the question, Can He Play? Such is the life of a professional scout. Can He Play? collects the contributions of some 26 members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) on the subject of scouts, including biographies and historical essays. The book touches on more than a century of scouts and scouting with a focus on the men (and the occasional woman) who have taken on the task of scouring the world for the best ballplayers available. In Can He Play? we meet the King of Weeds, a Ph.D. we call Baseballs Renaissance Man, a husband-and-wife team, pioneering Latin scouts, and a Japanese-American interned during World War II who became a successful scoutand many, many more. Table of Contents Foreword, by Roland Hemond Introduction, by Jim Sandoval The Hall of Fame Looks at Baseball Scouts, by John Odell 1. IVORY HUNTERS George Huff: Athletic Reformer and Speaker Discoverer, by Timothy M. Gay Larry Sutton, by Jim Sandoval Scouting Jack Doyle, by Neal Mackertich Charles Pop Kelchner, by Ron Smiley and Jim Sandoval Charley Barrett, The King of Weeds, by Jim Sandoval Bob Quinn, Founder of the Farm System, by Craig Lammers Charles Edward Chapman, Ph. D., Baseballs Renaissance Man, by Jim Sandoval Cy Slapnicka, by Brian McKenna Roy and Bessie Largent, Baseballs Only Husband and Wife Scouting Team, by Jim Sandoval 2. FIND THEM, HIDE THEM, AND SIGN THEM: DEVELOPMENT OF THE FARM SYSTEM Development of the Yankees Scouting Staff, by Dan Levitt Paul Krichell, by Dan Levitt Bill Essick, by Dan Levitt Gene McCann, by Jim Sandoval Joe Devine, by Dwayne Kling Tom Greenwade: Destined For the Hall-Of-Fame, by Jim Kreuz Signing of Tony Lazzeri, by Fred Glueckstein 3. THE GOOD FACE George Digby, interviewed by Ron Anderson Broadway Charlie Wagner, by Bill Nowlin Edith Houghton, by Shawn Selby Ed Scott, interviewed by Ron Anderson Al LaMacchia, by Dave King Dario Lodigiani, by Irwin Herlihy 4. THE PLAYERS SPEAK A Players View of Scouts in the 1950s, by Dave Baldwin Johnny Pesky, on signing with the Red Sox, by Bill Nowlin Waiting for the Call - Fernando Perez, interviewed by Bill Nowlin 5. BASEBALL GOES INTERNATIONAL Joe Cambria, by Brian McKenna Alex Pompez: From the Rackets to Respectability; A Hall of Fame Scout, by Brian McKenna Howie Haak, by Jim Sandoval and Rory Costello Epy Guerrero, Super Scout, by Jim Sandoval Bill Clark, Baseballs Leonardo Da Vinci, by Bill Nowlin 6. THE DRAFT ERA Major League Scouting Bureau An Interns Perspective on the Draft, by Ben Jedlovec Lou Gorman: You Dont Win Without Good Scouts / A GM Looks at Scouting, by Bill Nowlin Sam Hairston, by Rory Costello Jesse Flores, From Picking in the Fields to Picking Prospects, by Jim Sandoval Gene Bennett, by Robert Sawyer Bob Zuk, by John Klima Dont Get Too Domestic Out There The Baseball Life and Insights of Herb Stein, by Lee Lowenfish George Hats Omachi, by Bill Nowlin 7. CROSS CHECKING National Cross Checking, by Gib Bodet Topps Scouts Cards 8. ADVANCE SCOUTING Every Game is a Road Game / Dana Levangie, by Bill Nowlin Deacon Jones: The 26th Man on the Team, by Bill Nowlin History of the Scout of the Year Program 9. SIGNING SCOUTS OF THE HALL OF FAMERS 10. SCOUTING SCHEDULES Amateur Scout schedule, by Damon Iannelli / Southeast scouting supervisor, Colorado Rockies Pro Scout schedule, by Leon Wurth / Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Scouts in the Movies, by Rob Edelman