The Power Primer: THE Golfers Guide to Maximum Distance (Evoswing Instruction Series) (Volume 3)

  • Publish Date: 2013-09-26
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Geoff Greig
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Far is FUN. One of golf's great pleasures is watching your shots fly farther than ever before. The Power Primer walks you through the Essential Elements of increasing distance... quickly and easily. Book #1 of the EvoSwing Series made sure you found The Sweet Spot. Book #2 made it simple to Groove Your Move. Now it is time to Prime your Power game! When you want immediate improvement and lasting results Learning Progressions are the key to making effective change. The Power Primer gives you a step by step blueprint to guarantee you add more yards without sacrificing accuracy. Step one in Priming Your Power is maximizing distance using your current swing speed. Optimizing Launch Quality and Tuning Your Timing are your Prime Power boosters. Step two is adding speed. Faster means Farther. The Power Primer gives you simple concepts and crystal clear images of the most direct influences on generating speed. The information in The Power Primer is a blend of Flight Science, Golf Psychology, Helpful Suggestions and Entertaining Anecdotes. If you want to light the fuse on your golf shotsThe Power Primer is your match.