Sniping in the Trenches: World War I and the Birth of Modern Sniping

  • Publish Date: 2017-06-27
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Maj. John L. Plaster USAR (Ret.)
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From the author of The Ultimate Sniper and The History of Sniping and Sharpshooting, here is the most thorough examination of wartime sniping ever publishednot only for World War I, but for any war.

It's all here in great detail--the weapons, optics, ammunition, silencers, and numerous wartime improvisations, from disguised periscopes to fake trees, from body armor to fixed and periscope rifles, plus sniping tactics, training, and organization.

Here, too, are the people. From the Allied sniping trailblazersadventurers, big-game hunters, British and American NRA riflemenwho rose up to challenge Germany's snipers to the colorful characters who fought this war within a war:

  • The Igorot headhunter-turned-U.S. Army sniper who hoped to carry German heads back to his village
  • rizzly Christie, the Yukon hunter who inspired Canada's snipers
  • The shy French village girl who shot down German snipers
  • The billionaire industrialist who recruited and financed an Allied sniping unit
  • The Eurasian legend who out-sniped the Turks at Gallipoli
  • The Canadian and U.S. Native American snipers the Germans feared the most

And, for the first time ever, renowned sniping authority Major John L. Plaster tells the story of Canada's and England's sniper veterans who trained America's snipers at 34 sites all across the United States, readying them for this no-holds-barred contest. Sniping in the Trenches is profusely illustrated with nearly 500 rare photographs from U.S., Canadian, and European museums and archives, many never before published, others unseen for 100 years. Rounding out this amazing compilation are a dozen full-length, firsthand sniping accounts by American, Canadian, British, and Australian snipers.