Infection Control During Construction Manual, Third Edition: Policies, Procedures, and Strategies for Compliance

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The greatest tool to prevent infection during construction is awareness.

This updated resource by expert Wayne Hansen, PE, REA, CEM, along with contributions from 10 other experts, helps you prevent and manage healthcare-associated infections related to construction, renovations, repair, and maintenance activities. Easy-to-use tools help you set up a risk management program, monitor construction activities, and comply with all regulatory codes and standards.


- Stay compliant with all standards, regulations, guidelines, and code changes for any type of hospital construction, renovation and/or maintenance project
- Prevent the spread of HAIs including Legionella, Aspergillus, MRSA, and VRE
- Monitor your IC during construction program effectively with customizable checklists, charts, forms, and guidelines
- Use proven containment protocols if an outbreak of any sort does occur in your building

What's New:

Includes all recent updates to standards, regulations, and guidelines since the last edition in 2004 from organizations including The Joint Commission, FGI, ASHRAE, and CDC


This resource also includes downloadable tools such as:
- ICRA matrix of precautions for construction and renovation
- Checklist for fungal growth sources in building
- Point-of-use containment device log
- Construction activity/infection control matrix

Table of Contents

Foreword by Judene M. Bartley, MS, MPH, SHEA

Introduction By Wayne Hansen, PE, REA, CEM.

Chapter 1: The Issues by Wayne Hansen, PE, REA, CEM

Chapter 2: Standards, Regulations, and Guidelines: Synergy for Good Practice or Barriers? by Judene M. Bartley, MS, MPH, SHEA

Chapter 3: Infection Prevention and Control: Responsibilities of the Architect by Robert L. Dooley, AIA, ASHE

Chapter 4: Fungi in Buildings by Philip R. Morey

Chapter 5: Waterborne Pathogens by Tim Keane

Chapter 6: Contamination Mitigation and Prevention by Wayne Hansen, PE, REA, CEM

Chapter 7: Containment Protocols by Wayne Hansen, PE, REA, CEM

Chapter 8: Project Commissioning and Environmental Testing by Wayne Hansen, PE, REA, CEM

Chapter 9: Integrating Infection Prevention and Control Into Projects Understanding the Risks by Joan M. Wideman, MS, MT(ASCP)SLS, CIC

Chapter 10: Education of the Project Team and Other Key Players by Joan M. Wideman, MS, MT(ASCP)SLS, CIC

Chapter 11: Contracting Procedures by Wayne Hansen, PE, REA, CEM

Chapter 12: Effective Mold Management in Construction Projects: The View from a Contractor's Perspective by Rob Case, MS

Chapter 13: Case Study: An Insider's Reflection 12 Years Later at the Integrated Approach to Reducing Risk in Construction and Maintenance-Related Projects by William Meins, BSc, MSc

Chapter 14: Is the ICRA Program Successful? by Bette Meins, RN, BSN, MSN, CHPN, CHA

Chapter 15: Facility Impact: Pay Now or Pay More Later by Wayne Hansen, PE, REA, CEM

Chapter 16: Case Study: A Hospital's Failure to Prevent an Airborne Fungal Infection by Andrew Schillinger, Esq., and John R. Layman, Esq.