Closed Head Injury: A Clinical Source Book - Fifth Edition

  • Publish Date: 2016-11-11
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Peter G. Bernad
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Mild to moderate to severe closed-head injuries result from accidents that force the soft tissue of the brain into contact with the hard, bony skull. Long term effects and poor prognosis turn these injuries into major, often life-long, problems. Until recently, physicians did not or could not diagnose concussion or closed-head injuries (traumatic brain injury and common sports-related injury). Closed-Head Injury: A Clinical Source Book, Expanding from Mild to Moderate to Severe will help the practitioner understand how emerging diagnoses of previously ignored brain trauma can be a source of confusion, but also potentially a means to transform such trauma into a treatable condition. Dr. Bernad, a noted expert on the subject and leading neurologist, clearly explains in this fifth edition the nature of the injury, how to identify it, and the information you need to prove it. In the revised fifth edition you will learn about: Recent advances in head injury research, especially military traumatic brain injury; Causes of loss of consciousness and coma and their relation to closed-head injury: The long term effects of mild brain injury and concussion, including: Recent legal proceedings involving liability for sports-related injury, The new diagnostic techniques and protocols being put in place nationwide to more quickly recognize the effects of these traumatic events which decades ago were thought of as minor, The promise of newer serum and cerebral spinal fluid biomarkers that serve as evaluative measures in the cerebral spinal fluid,