The Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure

  • Publish Date: 2006-04-20
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Lisa Sarasohn
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From belly laughs to gut reactions, people acknowledge the power and wisdom within our bodys center every day, yet many women sabotage their bellies with tight clothes and shame. This book demonstrates that by celebrating their centers instead of trying to reshape them, women can tap into their source energy to boost vitality, release stress, spice up sexual pleasure, and unleash creativity.

The Woman's Belly Book helps women rejoice in their womanly center. The book takes a soul-powered approach to building confidence and better health, presenting simple exercises and movements to help women awaken their core. Lisa Sarasohn presents the concepts with humor and insight, and the movements which incorporate techniques such as yoga, breath work, belly dancing, qigong, and tai chi are fun and invigorating. Reclaiming the belly as honorable, even sacred, the book also provides a foundation for a body-centered spiritual practice that invokes the presence of the sacred feminine.