All About Fish Tanks: Beginning Knowledge for the Wondrous Aquarium

  • Publish Date: 2016-01-10
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Jon P Fox
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The complete illustrated walk-through and first of its kind to hit publication. All the aspects that come with fish tanks and fish keeping put in front of you so simple to understand and implement Are you among the millions of people that love the thought of having the wondrous beauty of an aquarium but aren't sure just how much work it will be? But you cannot have other pets so you are still thinking about going for it? Well then there is absolutely no doubt that you will make that choice ten times easier when you go through this lavishly illustrated how-to and what-is guide. This book was designed for anyone who has little or no knowledge of having a nice aquarium in the home, all your questions and wonders about what it would be like to start fish-keeping are covered in depth. You will find that the terms are easy to understand and that the book is written in a 'fun to read' kind of way. All About Fish Tanks is exactly that. It is a book that starts with the very first things that would cross anyone's mind when wondering how to get started. Learn how determine the best setup to fit your personal preferences, what to know about the differences in types of aquariums, and whether or not you would want fresh or saltwater. From knowing the most common types of fish that are breed just for aquariums to understanding algae eaters. This book will leave you without any questions and have you running the most beautiful fish aquarium ever, and your friends will be jealous! This book is intended for all audiences both young and old! All About Fish Tanks can be used as a reference guide that you can bring to the store with you when shopping fish. So grab a copy and just start reading it nowenjoy.