Many Beaucoup Magics

  • Publish Date: 2015-06-25
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Tom Garvey
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Many Beaucoup Magics is unusual on many levels. Originally drafted as a memoir it was rewritten in the third person to not reveal the ending. It's a novella about a little known corner of the war in Vietnam, life in a Special Forces border camp and is Dedicated to All the Mothers who suffered the loss of their children in the many wars in Vietnam. I know this suffering well and stayed close to the Mothers of seven friends who were killed. All their days they never got over their loss. I needed to tell their story while challenging the male folly that going to war makes you a man and drive home the point that John Wayne is merely an actor who knew that men who wear make up don't have to go to war. McManus an english major with a romantic love of literature ends up in the mystical world of a stone age tribe of Montagnards who have never developed an alphabet. This is life in the misty Central Highlands on the Cambodian Border in the summer of 1968. McManus goes to war fighting an obsession of some undefined consequence awaiting him on August 17th and ends up living in the jungle with an illiterate tribe of mercenaries who have frightening precognative dreams. He comes to understand these simple jungle people hold a key to his premonitions. Based on a true story, no one to date has foreseen the ending. Definitely not your father's Buick.