PhD Football: Scouting (Volume 3)

  • Publish Date: 2015-05-01
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Mr. Michael J. Lowry
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Want to know the TRUE SECRET to FOOTBALL SUCCESS? The true SECRET to how top-level championship coaching staffs at the professional and collegiate levels create and install winning game plans is underpinned through the scouting and game-preparation processes. Go behind the scenes and allow yourself to be led through an intricate process of how successful coaching staffs conduct statistical analysis through comparative metrics and comprehensive analytics. Learn how to break down film with the best football programs and then, let PhD Football Scouting demonstrate how championship coaches integrate mathematical, statistical, and analytical database applications into their scouting reports and game plans. PhD Football Scouting goes deep inside championship professional and collegiate football programs, illustrating countless comparative analyses, statistical charts, and analytical methods the top football teams in the country utilize when formulating game plans on a weekly basis! The scouting and game-preparation processes are conceivably the least exposed and least understood phases of the aggregate football program as it pertains to the general knowledge of the public and the average football aficionado. Supposition and conjecture suggest and imply few individuals, including the most dedicated of football fans, are aware of the time commitment, involvement, depth, and detail comprising the processes of film study, tendency analysis, statistical comparisons, producing the scouting report, computer-software applications, complex digital and video mechanisms, and personnel evaluation. Suffice to say scouting and game-preparation methods are central to the success of todays football program through the leveraging of innovative technologies, computer software, data analysis, and database management. The ability to appropriately evaluate personnel, assess play-calling tendencies, coordinate large databases of statistics, and analyze various football schemes are all central tenets of the scouting process. Learn from TOP CHAMPIONSHIP coaches and receive the same information and instruction as college and pro football teams! Enhance your football knowledge and become a Football SCOUTING AUTHORITY with PhD Football: Scouting! Order your copy now!