How to Live a Holy Life: The secret of walking step by step in the Masters footprints.

  • Publish Date: 2015-01-12
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Charles E. Orr
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How to Live a Holy Life impresses its readers with the seriousness of life and the importance of improving every moment. It is a devotional work, and as the reader peruses its pages his love for God and holy things increases. He learns the secret of walking step by step in the Masters footprints..

Only one life to live! Only one life, and then we must face vast, endless eternity. We shall pass along the pathway of life but once. Every step we take is a step that can never be taken again. With this fact in mind, who does not feel like calling upon the All-wise to direct his every step. If when we make a misstep we could go back and step it over, then there would not be such great necessity to step carefully. But we can never go back. We are leaving footprints. Just as our steps are, so will the footprints be which will tell the story of our life. If we had a score of lives to live, how to live this one would not be of such great moment. We should then have nineteen lives in which to correct the errors and sins of this one; but alas! we have but one. What, then, should we seek more earnestly than to know how to live?

We doubt not but there is in the heart of the reader a strong desire to live life as it should be lived. Thank God, you can. You desire your life to be like the fertile oasis, where the weary traveler refreshes himself. You have seen the rays of light lingering upon the hillside and treetop and gilding the fleecy cloud after the sun had gone down. You desire the beautiful rays of light from your life to linger long after your sun has gone down. You can have it that way. The deeds you do will live after you are gone. They are the footprints. Some one has said that we each day are here building the house we are going to occupy in eternity. If this be true, nothing should concern us so much as how to live. Some men are devoting their time and the power of their intellects to invention; some are studying statesmanship; some are studying the arts, others the sciences; but we have come to learn a little more about how to live. Many are thinking much about how they wish to die, but let us learn how to live. If we live well, we shall die well.

The mission of this little volume is to strengthen and energize and help you to spend life as you should. May it please the Great Teacher, who has promised to show us the path of life, to bless this little work and by it help some one to a pure and noble life and to the accomplishment of all God's design in giving them life.


Devotional Reading Preface Introduction The Way the Sail is Set (Poem) The Model Life How to Live the Christ-Life The Bible Way The Heavenly Way Keeping the Commandments Be Doers of the Word Who are the Wise? Keeping the Commandments a Test of Love The Blessedness of Obeying God's Word The Relationship We Have with Christ through Obedience Our Life is to Adorn the Gospel The Christian an Epistle of Christ How We may Live as the Bible Reads How to Keep the Word of God in the Heart Man the Vehicle for Exhibiting God's Perfections Some Use to Jesus (Poem) Godly Living Something to Do Spiritual Dryness Prayer Keep the Roots Watered Under the Fig-Tree Shut the Door Alone with God Prayerful Remembrance (Poem) He Careth for Thee Consider the Lilies Sorrowful Yet always Rejoicing Gentleness Tenderness The Christian Walk The Christian is to Walk Circumspectly The Latest Improved The Christian's Walk a Walk with God A Holy Life Lukewarmness Steadfastness How to Understand God's Will A View of Jesus Devotion to God The Golden Rule of Life Timeliness in Doing Good The Warfare of a Christian Life Life by Faith A Valuable Legacy Some Scriptures for Daily Practise