Getting Schooled: 102 Practical Tips for Parents, Teachers, Counselors & Students about Living and Learning with ADHD

  • Publish Date: 2014-11-21
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Margit R. Crane
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Too often, ADHD kids are alienated within a school system that doesn't truly understand what it's dealing with. There is no other school group that is reprimanded and mocked as frequently as students with ADHD. Instead of being thought of as innovators and future world leaders, ADHD kids are labeled, Lazy, Spacey, or Defiant. Award-winning author, and 30-year veteran teacher and school counselor, Margit Cranediagnosed with ADHD herself in 1980is very familiar with the plight of students with ADHD. She says, I was one of those too curious, too intense students. Teachers weren't quite sure what to do with me, and I suffered for it. It's time to build bridges between school personnel and ADHD families for the success of everyone. Parent Dawn S. writes: I can't tell you all of the things I learned! I couldn't stop reading- I read it all in one sitting! Both of my ADHD children will be better for your input in our lives!!!! Thank you, you are a blessing to our family and so many others! Getting Schooled offers a unique perspective on ADHD in schools. It accepts schools the way they arethis is not a theoretical bookand addresses the issue of parents, teachers, school counselors, and students working together. Crane presents her information in 4 sections, one for each of the above-mentioned parties. In each section, she offers 25 tips that will help understand and interact with the other groups. Crane advises that readers dive into each of the sections so that they can understand the concerns and struggles of others with whom they will, inevitably, interact. She explains, I've been all of these roles (parent, teacher, counselor, and student) at one time or another, and know that each of us has a challenge regarding vis-a-vis ADHD that the others aren't fully aware of. When I moved out of my home state, I was a substitute teacher and counselor, and it was distressing to see how many teachers and counselors only receive a perfunctory and simplistic lesson on ADHD, while parents of these kids and the students themselves feel trapped by a system that appears ignorant and uncaring. Professor of Education at California State University, Dr. Betina Hsieh, herself a former teacher of challenging students and now a Teacher Trainer, had this to say about Getting Schooled : Margit Crane has done it again! With her clear, readable set of tips for parents, teachers, counselors and students, she helps us all to understand the culture of ADHD with more depth, and does so with respect and understanding for all parties. Her multiple perspectives allow all parties to work collaboratively for the success and well-being of students with ADHD. Margit Crane's other books How to Train Your Parents in 6-1/2 Days; A Year of Good-Enough Parenting; and Taking the CRAZY Out of Your Family Celebrations, are all available at or can be ordered by your local bookstore. Connect with Margit Crane on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest (@GiftedWithADD) or on her blog and website: