The People Of The River Road

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or getting thrown in jail were events author Audrey Sullins never expected to happen in her life, much less all in the span of a trip to Louisiana to help people reconstruct their lives in the wake of disaster. But necessity often dictates choices one makes in their life, which is how Sullins ended up in the bayou as an independent disaster inspector. Fully expecting to work in New Orleans, the news that she was being sent to the country made her nervous. Having never been to the South and not knowing what to expect, Sullins could have never anticipated the adventure she had. The people of the River Road reopened her heart, made Sullins laugh and brought her to tears. The poorest of the poor, the uneducated, the sick, and the hungry taught her an unforgettable lesson about forgiveness, family, courage and love in this poignant memoir that will make you laugh and cry and fill you with hope.