Real Men Don'T Play: A Collection Of True Stories Of Highly Respected Men That Leave Indelible Footprints In Their Live Journey.

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In the 1990s a troubling social trend emerged where men began referring to each other as players. On the other hand, real men have been diminished and painted with the broad brush of suspicion and cynicism, in large part because of this growing fascination with playing in the urban landscape. Instead of positive male model that work hard, take care of their children and provide leadership in the household, too many young people are leaning in the direction of frivolity because of the absence of real men in their lives. Which leads to this question: what is a man supposed to look like, act like and be like? The answer to that question can be found in the pages of Real Men Dont Play! This insightful and inspiring book is a compilation of models of possibility; it includes real men from divergent walks of life that share common characteristics that define them as real men. Their individual and collective accomplishments are a recipe for living a productive life. The author, Bobby Glanton Smith, a native of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, devoted over 10 years of his life to constructing an expose that illuminates his interface with some of the most fascinating and extraordinary men that have lived in his lifetime. Bobby has worked with NFL Hall of Fame member and social activist Jim Brown for over 20 years and proudly proclaims that Jim Brown is one of the inspirations for this book. The late Jerry Anderson, a childhood friend and former NFL player, is also featured in this book because of the profile in courage his short life encompassed. The late Sgt. George D Osborne, the authors first cousin, was a man as a child - and his example of responsibility and fortitude will chill your soul and elevate your spirit simultaneously. The genius of Harry Pickens as promulgated in Real Men Dont Play! will unveil the immense capabilities of a man who lives in accordance with his core beliefs and who mastered the power of thinking his way through life. Julian Mendozas mastery of self-determination is a road map to personal and professional success. You will also discover by reading this book that Lionel Hollins is far more than a former NBA World Champion and highly successful NBA coach, hes also a man who turned lemons into lemonade as he navigated his upward climb from humble beginnings. Rick Perkins, The Man with the Horn, found the strength and the will to defeat adversity and leave indelible footprints along his journey through life; Ricks example of fatherhood is uniquely inspiring and instructional. Sam The Face of Boxing, has lived an incredible life and continues to raise the bar of human possibility. Few men of color, particularly African American men, have climbed the corporate ladder and remained socially conscience as has Kevin McDowell. Abdur-Rahim Hameed is a man of remarkable will; he took on the construction industry and carved out a path of apprenticeship for black and brown kids that has changed the industry. Two-time Emmy Award Winner Keith David is far more than an acclaimed actor on the stage and screen - hes a mans man in every possible way. Real Men Dont Play! affords the ready an opportunity to peek inside the world of men whose lives are governed by tried-and-true principles of life management. This book ultimately affirms a prophetic proclamation by an extraordinary man in his own right, the late Marcus Garvey: What Men Have Done, Men Can Do!