Perforated Fiber

  • Publish Date: 2014-03-20
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: M. Triplett;H. Triplett
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Perforated Fiber is the autobiographical story of two brothers who describe their life of desperation, poverty, dysfunction, drug abuse, alcoholism and murder within their family, as they lived in the ghettos and semi-rural areas of Connecticut and Massachusetts in the late 1970's into the 1990's. The authors, who have an age difference of six years, tell their stories from different experiences and perspectives. The elder author tells his story as an active participant who ends up in a life or death situation and is forced to make a decision that permanently alters his life. The younger author tells his story as an observer who must consume the pain of two generations of family members who have shrouded themselves with self-inflicted misery. Events in the story are movie-like however; they are literally cut from the headlines. Each chapter takes readers on an emotional roller coaster through sadness and laughter as they find their own personal connection to the story. The therapeutic nature of the book helps readers who have faced hardship realize that there are people who understand their plight. After reading Perforated Fiber, anyone who has had to deal with terrible circumstances in life will now have hope for themselves and believe that anything is possible. This book is an inspirational lesson in life. Perforated Fiber is currently required reading for a psychology course at Springfield Technical Community College. The professor has integrated the autobiography into his curriculum. Students write a self-actualization paper that analyzes the relationships and experiences that each author explains in the autobiography. The professor also has his students meet with the authors at the end of the semester for an open book dialogue. During this discussion students directly engage with the authors and ask unanswered questions about the book. The authors also lead a program titled Survival Metaphysics that is intended to teach the first principles of survival to troubled teens and At-risk youth. They are also available as guest speakers at events. Colleges or organizations interested in contacting M. Triplett and H. Triplett should use the email address below. Contact Info Email: Facebook: Mo Triplett