How To Get Commercial Lawn Care And Snow Plow Customers.: From The Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum & The GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Show.

  • Publish Date: 2011-12-08
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Steve Low
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Hello and welcome to my book on how to get commercial lawn care and snow plow customers. I put this book together because I know it can be so very difficult for newer lawn care, landscaping, or snow plow business owners to find out how to gain commercial customers. Do you just go in and knock on doors? Do you send them letters? How should they be approached? All too often when people try things, they experiment once and if it doesn't give them the results they are looking for, they give up and think they just lacked some magical quality others who are successful must have that they don't. Well there are no magical qualities, there are just certain tips and tricks we have seen that work over the years being discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and these are the tips I want to share with you. I also included some letter templates you can use to send to customers to get on their bidding list, to use as a cover letter for your bid, and to thank them at the end of the season. If you are unsure on how to price out commercial jobs, I even included some examples what others have bid on for various commercial jobs. Gaining new lawn care or snow plowing customers shouldn't be this hidden secret skill. It should be made readily available to you so that you can grow your lawn care business as big as you want, based on your desire and not based on luck or chance. As you read through this book, you will see variations of certain lawn care marketing methods pop up again and again. When you see that, it's because those methods being discussed work. The variations you see are little tweaks that lawn care business owners utilize to stand out from others. You can use them too, or take the basic skills you learn here and create your own tweaks to make them uniquely yours. When you are finished reading this book, I hope you feel like you have a successful family member in the lawn care business that has shared with you a lifetime of what he has learned. It has taken many years to compile all these insights and business lessons and there is no doubt in my mind, your lawn care and snow plowing business will grow because of it. I want to thank all my friends on the Gopher Lawn Care Business forum who have talked with me over the years on these many topics. It is because of those people that came in, asked questions and shared answers, that we all are able to benefit today. If you would like to read more about how to improve your lawn care or landscaping business, check out my many books on the topic. Visit my Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum at and watch my GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Videos and Podcasts across the internet and on my GopherHaul Lawn Care Business & Marketing Blog at Don't forget to try out our Gopher Lawn Care Business Software too at And remember.. If you haven't started your business yet, what are you waiting for. If you don't start your business this year, you'll be at least a year older when you do. So get started today!