1: The New Guide to Astrology: Casting, Analysing and Reading the Birth Chart

  • Publish Date: 2011-05-12
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Ciro Discepolo
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This book is a bestseller in Italy, having sold over 50,000 copies from 1979 to the present. What is the secret of such a success? And, first of all, is it a success? I think it is. The secret, if there is one, is probably my lucky disposition, among my few qualities, to share my knowledge in Astrology in a very clear way. I think that this almost complete manual has gained the appreciation of my readers, perhaps because through a simple, elementary, and clear language, I have tried to lead many neophytes from absolute ignorance of the subject to a good average level of knowledge. While I was working on this book there was always a strong will to explain the many chapters of this manual as if I was addressing school children. In the thirty-two years of its life, this book has shaped many generations of astrologers, and a lot of people have continuously gratified me for this work, insisting on what has been considered by almost everyone to be the greatest quality of this book: its accessibility. Why do I wish to present this volume to my international readers and, in particular, to my American readers after thirty-two years? If you allow me, I'd like to conduct a little test on you. I'd like to ask you a few things. - Do you know that your astrological sign can be your Solar sign or your compensated Solar sign (since many people act like those who have opposite characteristics to their Solar sign)? - Do you know that a high percentage of Aquarians becomes deaf or almost deaf in old age? - Do you know that the 11th House is more mournful than the 8th House? - Do you know that the 11th House is like the 7th House but a level weaker? - Do you know that the hard-disks of computers can be correlated to the 4th House? - Do you know that blindness or serious eye problems are attributable to the 6th and the 12th Houses? - Do you know that the second part of life is linked to the 4th House? - Do you know that a Celestial works contemporarily in two Houses when it is within 2,5 degrees from the cusp of a House? - Do you know... - Do you know... - Do you know... Actually, these, and many other truths that I discovered studying the subject for over forty years, examining the Natal Chart of tens of thousand people, are explained in this book and I would like to share them with you. I don't ask you, dear Reader, to believe in these sentences based on faith alone: I ask you to check every astrological law contained in the pages of this volume and if you find Truth, fine, otherwise I advise you to throw away my New Guide To Astrology. Many parts of the book differ from the Italian edition. Moreover I have added some tables and, in particular, complete Tables of Houses from 0 to 65 North Latitude, every 15 minutes of Sideral Time.Needless to say, since this is a guide to Astrology and not a treatise, I have purposefully devoted the second volume exclusively to the Ephemeredes and to the Tables of Houses because I am convinced that those who begin to study Astrology (with a guide and not with a treatise) should learn very well to make calculations by hand without ever using the computer. When they will have learnt how to calculate a Natal Chart for each place of the Earth, then they will throw away the Ephemeredes and the Tables of Houses and eventually use the computer. I think it is similarly useless to specify that, since I wish to teach how to use the Ephemeredes and the Tables of Houses, I have chosen to publish my own Ephemeredes and my own Tables of Houses. It goes without saying that those who do not wish to make calculations by hand and wish to become astrologers only with the help of the computer, well, they can avoid buying volume two of this Guide.