Say What?: Colloquialisms

  • Publish Date: 2008-09-30
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Fred G. Wilson
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Proverbs, Tall Tales, and Humorous Sayings of a Bygone Era

Fred G. Wilsons childhood was set against the backdrop of The Great Depression and World War II, formative years that shaped his own character and the character of a nation. Having a sense of humor seemed to ease the misery of those bygone days, he writes, and people poked fun at each other and sought to make light of the woes they were experiencing. Out of this era came some colorful, humorous, and enlightened sayings. In every part of our nation, there were colloquial expressions that summed up the feelings of the local region. This book contains some of theseMany of these expressions were learned at home from Mom and Dad. This was before television and we learned to amuse ourselves with home-grown entertainment. Farm work, taking care of the livestock, and the many chores kept us busy. When I reflect back on those days, I wouldnt change them even if I could Country folk have a language all their own. In Say What?, author Fred G. Wilson has gathered many of these expressions in order to save them for future generations, shedding a light on what it was like to grow up during the forties and fifties in rural America.