It's Not Just Lyme: It's Your Metabolism: Understanding the Metabolism's Role in Fighting Chronic Infections (The Remission Series) (Volume 1)

  • Publish Date: 2015-11-26
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Yessi Young
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Is herxing a good thing? Why arent antibiotics curing patients? Is diet the answer? Experts cant agree and Lyme Disease patients are left with multiple symptoms years into treatment. We want to be warriors, but instead become victims of deteriorating constitutions, highly sensitive to foods and our environments, and no better off than before starting doctor-recommended protocols. Metabolism a hugely underrated aspect of Lyme recovery is the breakdown and build-up of all sorts of things such as nutrients, drugs, bugs, and muscles. It correlates with better digestion, nutrient absorption, cellular communication, endocrine and hormone function, body temperature regulation, drug n bug detoxification, immunity and more. This book will give you an introductory understanding of your metabolism without overwhelming, pigeon-holing or telling you what to do. Conversely, this book is for the individual seeking empowerment and tools that personalize treatment approaches. Its authentic, transparent and different than your ordinary book on Lyme. You will finish it with a better understanding of what happens to your metabolism when you are chronically ill, why repairing your metabolism is imperative to recovery, and how you can recover from any chronic infection. Even the most hopeless will feel hopeful after reading this book. Yessi Young is a medical researcher and Lyme Warrior who needed more than what her doctors could give her she needed a deep understanding of Lyme Disease. So she dove into medical textbooks and forums, all the while experimenting with different protocols and diets. Finally, she found something that worked. Really worked. Young didnt just achieve remission, she stayed in remission. And then she wrote this; a science-based, affordable, practical, and dare I say fun read. Empower yourself with this educational resource that will weaken your fears and strengthen your constitution. Get into remission and stay there.