The Shadow Moneylenders

  • Publish Date: 2009-12-21
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Matthias Chang
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The one author who predicted it all . . . and what is still to come . . . From the author of two of the most successful books in AFP history . . . The man who boldly exposed the Zionist-Anglo-American meltdown . . . MATTHIAS CHANG IS BACK! The no-nonsense author of FUTURE FASTFORWARD and BRAINWASHED FOR WAR is now laying bare the secrets of the global criminal enterprise he calls . . . THE SHADOW MONEYLENDERS Matthias Chang's new book, THE SHADOW MONEYLENDERS, is the only up-to-date work that fully explains the corrupt nature of the international money monopoly and the role the funny money Federal Reserve System plays in its perpetuation . . . A comprehensive overview of the Global Money Scam: You'll understand its venal nature as never before! ? Understanding the Derivative Market Casino ? What is Money? . . . Fiat Money Explained ? The Concept of Paper Money Before 1971-and afterward ? Funny Money Accounting Rules ? Thomas Jefferson on the Threat Posed by MoneyLenders ? The Global Banking Collapse ? Financial Armageddon Is Upon Us ? Open Global Currency Warfare: Fed Ditches the Dollar ? Alan Greenspan: Financial Charlatan & International War Criminal ? The Global Banking Collapse ? Will America Be Compelled to Impose Capital & Exchange Controls? ? The Fraudulent Structure of Mortgage-Backed Securities ? Fractional Reserve Banking-Dead ? Abolish the Fed, Central Banks and Taxation! ? What Lies Ahead-and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself! Softcover, 395 pages