Lynched: A Conservative's Life on a New York City School Board

  • Publish Date: 2009-01-26
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Frank Borzellieri
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In Lynched: A Conservative s Life on a New York City School Board, Frank Borzellieri documents his eleven years as the only conservative and Eurocentrist on this ultra-liberal school board. In these pages, he documents how the New York City political and educational establishments tried their best to destroy his career for daring to speak the truth about the racial, cultural and educational issues that are destroying this country. For the leftists on the school board and in the establishment, it was not enough to defeat Frank on policy. They were determined to silence him completely and destroy his career. As far as Frank s detractors were concerned, one voice of dissent was one too many. Lynched reveals: *The battle against multiculturalism - how Frank exposed and fought against anti-American multicultural materials in the schools which spouted horrible attacks against Western culture. *Frank s constant need of police and security escorts to and from school board meetings because of threats against him. *While the school board used tax dollars to fund books like I Hate English and Jambo Means Hello: the Swahili Alphabet, they blocked Frank s attempts to add 15 pro-American books to classrooms and libraries like Paul Revere s Ride. *The school board was funding programs for illegal third-world aliens which Frank tried to stop. *Frank voted against all funding for bilingual education in a district where children could barely read and write in English. *Frank s resolution was defeated that would require that the district s books and curriculum emphasize the superiority of Western culture -- stating, for example, that free market capitalism was superior to communism, and George Washington superior to Che Guevera. *Frank s struggle to stop ebonics (black English) from infiltrating the school district. *Frank Borzellieri was the only voice trying to stop the grotesque homosexual infiltration into District 24. When a radical homosexual district teacher was discussing his perversions in front of his fourth grade class, Frank Borzellieri was alone in trying to stop him. *Reckless liberal spending in the district was out of control, with Frank Borzellieri the only school board member to oppose all federal monies as unconstitutional.