The Book of Hugs

  • Publish Date: 2014-12-15
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Attaboy !
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Know someone who needs a hug? The Book of Hugs by Attaboy is a perfect guide to awkwardly squeezing someone with affection. Featuring way too many pages of hilariously illustrated uncomfortable embraces, The Book of Hugs is stupid fun with ridiculous heart. Have you been hugging wrong the entire time? Are you a mismatched hugger? Have you ever done a Lean and Pat Hug? Or perhaps you just hug to smell someones coconut shampoo. Are you an over-compensating hugger? Or maybe you suffer from the Fear of Commitment Hug? Find out in the Book of Hugs. Plus! Get tips on Who to Hug, How to Hug, When Not to Hug, plus the very important Who NOT to Hug. Also includes a guide to the Necessary Equipment Needed For Hugging! After reading this book, youll never hug the same again. A ridiculously funny guide to hugging, an activity which we all take for granted, The Book of Hugs is a perfect gift for an unsuspecting friend, lover or even for yourself! (Just think twice before trying some of them publicly.)