Apprenticing Students Into Science: Doing, Talking & Writing Scientifically

  • Publish Date: 2016-03-10
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: John Polias
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This is a book for teachers of school science who wish to maximise the learning in their classrooms.

It is equally valuable for anyone interested in understanding how the discipline of science goes about doing what it does linguistically.

The books aim is to show how the teaching of science can be improved through an understanding of the patterns in its knowledge and patterns in its language. It makes explicit the implicit patterns for both science teachers and students. By having a pedagogy that is based on denaturalising the naturalised patterns of meaning-making in science, students are not only successful within a lesson and across many lessons but, critically, are scaffolded into a deeper understanding of scientific knowledge.

Apprenticing Students Into Science: Doing, Talking & Writing Scientifically features:

  • sample science texts with analyses of their structure, visuals and language
  • explanations and illustrations of macro-scaffolding, meso-scaffolding and micro-scaffolding
  • examples of cycles of teaching and learning based on theories of language and thought
  • illustrations of pedagogical resonance synchronising the patterns in what is being taught with how it is taught
  • easy-to-understand-and-use examples of teaching using the language patterns of science.