Nutrition and Metabolism (The Nutrition Society Textbook)

  • Publish Date: 2003-11-17
  • Binding: Paperback
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Having ensured a basic knowledge in nutrition with Introduction to Human Nutrition, this book allows students to explore nutrition and metabolism across the various systems of the body rather than to deal in advanced aspects of nutrition and metabolism on a nutrient by nutrient basis or by group of nutrients. Thus there is not an identifiable chapter on Vitamin A; this vitamin is covered in all of these chapters: The Nutrient Requirements of Tissues and Organs, The Sensory System, Molecular aspects of Nutrition, The Reproductive System, The immune and inflammatory System and Under-nutrition.

Nutrition & Metabolism provides the student with the detailed information they need about how different nutrients effect and are required by different parts of the body. This allows the student to concentrate on parts of the body at one time rather than concentrating on each individual nutrient or mineral, making the information more assessable and easier to digest.

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