Protein Evolution

  • Publish Date: 1999-05-15
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Laszlo Patthy
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The flood of information on gene and protein sequences from the genome projects has revolutionzed molecular and evolutionary biology and led to the rapid development of the science called genomics. Reliable prediction of the function of a novel gene/protein requires complex computational analysis of genomic and protein sequence information, which exploit the principles governing the evolution of protein structure and function.

This book aims to provide an up-to-date summary of the principles of protein evolution and discusses both the methods available to analyse the evolutionary history of proteins and to predict their structure-function relationships. Protein Evolution is intended for senior undergraduates and graduate students taking courses in protein structure and evolution, as well as bioinformatics. It will also be a useful supplement for students taking wider courses in molecular evolution, as well as a valuable resource for professionals in the area of functional genomics.