Essentials of Ecology

  • Publish Date: 2000-01-20
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Colin Townsend;John L. Harper;Michael Begon
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Essentials of Ecology outlines the major tenets of ecology in a concise and simplified manner for the introductory level student. It presents a balanced overview of ecology, with examples drawn from terrestrial and aquatic environments, and from a variety of organism types. The text, in four color throughout, is arranged in a format that engages the student at all levels. To make learning easier and more relevant, the practical applications of ecology are also stressed wherever possible.

  • Wide range of examples - illustrating key points and concepts.
  • Does not assume prior maths knowledge - all mathematical concepts explained.
  • Applied approach - brings the student closer to the practical elements of ecology and its role in the world.
  • Four colour throughout - bringing the key concepts to life through the strategic use of colour.
  • Balanced treatment of ecosystem and organism type - presents a complete overview of ecology.
  • Interactive learning encouraged throughout - review questions, margin headings, text boxes and web page.