Methods for the Assessment of Fish Production in Fresh Waters (International Biological Programme)

  • Publish Date: 1978-10-13
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Timothy Bagenal
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xv, 365 pp, list of contributors, foreword to First Edition, preface to Third Edition, preface to First Edition, 1. Introdcution: W.E. Ricker, 2. Capture, Sampling and Examination of Fishes: Farly F. Lagler, 3. Identification of Freshwater Fishes: R. H. Lowe-McMonnell, 4. Marking and Tagging: Lindsay Ma. Laird and Brian Stott, 5. Age and Growth: T.B. Bagenal and F. W. Tesch, 6. Estimation of Population Number and Mortality Rates: W.D. Youngs and D.S. Robson, 7. Eggs and Early Life History: T.B. Bagenal and Erich Braum, 8. Production: D.W. Chapman, 9. Methods for Study of Fish Diets Based on Analysis of Stomach Contents: John T. Windell and Stephen H. Bowen, 10. Estiminating Food Consumption Rates of Fish Populations: John T. Windell, 11. Investigation of Mortalities in the Wild: Gordon R. Bell, 12. Assessment of a Fishery: J.A. Gulland, appendixes: 1. List of Symbols, 2. Scientific Names of Fishes Mentionsed in the Text, 3. Table of Equivalent Values, general references, index with b&w illustrations. Third Edition Revised to include the addition of new material and references. The information has been re-arranged to make it easier to follow and more accessible for general use, 1978. IBP Handbook No. 3. Wraps.