Elements of General Equilibrium Analysis

  • Publish Date: 1998-07-07
  • Binding: Hardcover
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The General Equilibrium Model, developed over the last century and now referred to as the Arrow-Debreu Model, provides the basis for the great majority of modern economic models. A thorough familiarity with its structure is indispensable for every serious economist.

Elements of General Equilibrium Analysis provides a clear and precise explanation of various aspects of the model, each of which is analysed by a leading authority in the field, including Gerard Debreu, Timothy Kehoe, Herbert Scarf, Jean-Jacques Herings, Thorsten Hens, Peter Hammond, Werner Hildenbrand and Alan Kirman. This book provides a concise account of basic concepts together with an analysis of recent developments and is aimed at final year undergraduate and graduate students, and at all economists interested in an authoritative account of the foundations of modern history.