A Portrait of Wittgenstein as a Young Man: From the Diary of David Hume Pinsent 1912-1914

  • Publish Date: 1990-12-13
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Von Wright G H;George H. Von Wright;David Hume Pinsent
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In the Lent term of 1912, Ludwig Wittgenstein registered as an advanced student at Cambridge, where he had first come to attend Bertrand Russell's lectures. It was at one of Russell's weekly squashes , held in his rooms in college, that Wittgenstein met David Pinsent, a fellow student at Trinity College, whom he was later to call my first and only friend . Wittgenstein and Pinsent were soon attending concerts together and planning a tour of Iceland for the following September. Throughout the academic year of 1912-13 the two friends studied at Cambridge, while taking frequent trips to other towns, before setting out for Norway in August 1913. On their return Wittgenstein departed again for Norway, where he was to spend the following academic year pursuing the thoughts which eventually crystallized in the Tractatus Logico-philosophicus . Wittgenstein's last meeting with Pinsent was at the railway station in Birmingham in the early morning of 8 October 1913. Five years later, in May 1918, David Pinsent was killed in an airplane accident. The Tractatus is dedicated to his memory. David Pinsent's diary is reproduced here, together with what remains of his correspondence with Wittgenstein, and provides a uniquely revealing and personal insight into the early life and thought of one of this century's most brilliant philosophers.