Business Ethics: Transcending Requirements through Moral Leadership

  • Publish Date: 2004-08-30
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: CAVICO & MUJTABA
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Despite the development of business ethics into a field of study in its own right and not just a subject peripheral to philosophy, law, and business itself, there has still been no comprehensive and systematic account of morality and ethics for business managers. Business Ethics: Transcending Requirements through Moral Leadership fulfills that need. This is a book about morality, philosophical ethics, and applied ethics for those who wish to become acquainted with moral philosophy, ethical reasoning, and especially the application of ethics to business and management. It aims to introduce the reader to ethical theories and concepts relevant to resolving moral problems confronting business. It is designed to be useful to both employees and managers who want to integrate moral concerns into their decision-making process. Business Ethics clarifies moral issues the reader otherwise might ignore, and it demonstrates that moral dilemmas are susceptible to rigorous ethical analysis, rational argumentation, and ultimately resolution. It shows that by ethically resolving moral problems confronting business, managers are better able to understand and classify their own moral beliefs and better equipped to develop a critical and reflective personal morality. In addition to providing an introduction to moral philosophy, Business Ethics closely examines the relationship of philosophy to business and management. In its discussions, moral issues are treated not only as philosophical questions, but also as fundamentally important, practical, business questions for managers. Features: -Appropriate for upper-level undergraduate and graduate course in areas ranging from business law and ethics to moral philosophy. -Comes with supplementary instructor materials on CD-ROM, including PowerPoint slides, test banks, instructor summaries with practical examples, and discussion questions -Provides a philosophical ethical foundation as well as a practical framework for managers to make moral decisions, both qualitative and quantitative. -Approaches ethics as a branch of philosophy, morality, leadership, and stakeholder value-driven behaviors Written to be interesting and useful without too many academic references. -Underscores the role of ethics and morality in leadership and business success. -Managers can use the ethical theories and framework discussed to make moral as well as strategic decisions.