CogLab Student Manual for 36 Experiments (with PinCode for Online Access)

  • Publish Date: 2002-12-21
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Greg Francis;Ian Neath
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Do more than just think about cognition! Now available on CD-ROM or online, CogLab contains dozens of classic experiments designed to help students learn about cognitive concepts and how the mind works. Nothing is more powerful than letting your students see the effects of these experiments for themselves. CogLab gives both students and instructors the chance to participate as subjects in research experiments. Students can run the experiments, collect data, and save their data in one of three formats--a special CogLab format that allows them to view their data from within the program, an HTML format that allows them to print and save graphics and formatted text, and a text format that allows the data to be easily integrated into other programs. CogLab on CD-ROM gives students access to their own data, while CogLab online allows instructors to combine data across all of their students, to have class averages automatically calculated, and to make those averages available to students. Instructors who choose the CD-ROM version can download a program that will allow them to combine and calculate class averages. (For a complete list of differences between the online and CD-ROM versions, visit the CogLab Web site at CogLab is available online for use anywhere and anytime, or on CD-ROM for situations where Internet access is impractical. Correlations to CogLab are built into many of Wadsworth's Cognitive Psychology texts. Either version can be bundled with any Wadsworth Psychology text for a minimal charge.