The Nature of Hate

  • Publish Date: 2008-04-28
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Robert J. Sternberg PhD;Karin Sternberg PhD
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What is hate and why is there so much of it? How does it originate, and what can we do about it? These are some of the questions addressed in The Nature of Hate. This book opens with a discussion of how hate makes its presence felt in the real world. Then it discusses various definitions and theories of hate. Next it describes a duplex - two-part - theory of hate. According to the first part of the theory, hate has three components: negation of intimacy, passion, and commitment. According to the second part of the theory, this structure of hate originates from stories people create about the target - that, say, a group comprises enemies of God, or monsters, or vermin, or power-crazy tyrants, or any of a number of other stories. The book discusses hate in the context of interpersonal relationships. Then it surveys the role of propaganda in inciting hate. Next it analyzes the role of hate in instigating terrorism, massacres, and genocides. Finally, it discusses possible cures for hate.