The Revolution of 1688-89: Changing Perspectives

  • Publish Date: 2004-06-03
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This volume of novel and interdisciplinary essays offers a new interpretation of the Revolution and of the late Stuart and early Hanoverian world. By dealing with little-explored issues from the perspectives of British, Dutch, and colonial American history, and of British political and religious history and theory, literature, law, and women's history, the contributors place the Revolution in a broader context and in doing so unite multiple disciplines. Several overriding conclusions emerge. The Revolution was more complex and subtle in process, ideology, settlement and result than has been acknowledged previously. A lively print culture assured the circulation and importance of political and religious ideas. Radical as well as conservative ideas survived. The events of 1688-89 comprised many revolutions that played out differently and were perceived differently from the vantage point of high or popular culture or in the contexts of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and the American colonies.