Beyond Southern Skies: Radio Astronomy and the Parkes Telescope

  • Publish Date: 1992-11-27
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Peter Robertson
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Beyond Southern Skies tells the story of the planning and construction of the Parkes Telescope in rural New South Wales, Australia and surveys its achievements over the past thirty years. Around this central theme Peter Robertson presents a broader history of radio astronomy, describing its rapid rise to become the respected partner of traditional optical astronomy. The opening up of the radio window on the universe has been one of the most exciting developments in modern science. The technical achievements of the telescope outlined in Peter Robertson's very readable book will be accessible to a general audience. Readers will be fascinated by the lively account of the personalities, politics and controversy that lay behind the decision to build the Parkes Telescope. Since its completion in 1961, the telescope has contributed much to our knowledge of quasars, pulsars, masers, supernova remnants and molecular clouds, as well as the other unusual objects discovered in recent years. During the 1990s the telescope will continue to play a part in our quest to understand the origin and nature of the universe, and our place in it.