Store Location and Assessment Research

  • Publish Date: 1984-12-13
  • Binding: Hardcover
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Store Location and Store Assessment Research Edited by R. L. Davies University of Newcastle, UK and D. S. Rogers D. S. R. Marketing Systems Inc., Illinois, USA An invaluable book to students and practitioners in marketing and retailing. This book looks at store location and store assessment research on both sides of the Atlantic from an academic and a practical retailing point of view, and in doing so attempts to fill a gap in an area which has been hitherto poorly documented. It is also an area in which theory and practice have rarely interrelated. This book endeavours to marry the academic contributions that have been made from a largely theoretical perspective to a series of business experiences that have been conducted in practice. In an age of relative store saturation and an abundance of shopping centres accurate store location research and store location assessment is not only advisable but essential. In recent years a coalescence of needs and a sharing of ideas has transpired between the USA and the UK and has provided a rationale for this collection of Anglo-American essays which give a balanced view of the theory and the practice that make up the subject. Contents IntroductionPart I: The retail Setting
* Trends in Retailing and Consumer Behaviour
* The Urban Pattern of Retailing
* The Impact of the Development Process
Part II: The Statistical Base
* General Sources of Information
* Developing a Strategic Planning Data Base
* Market Appraisals
* Site Appraisals
Part III: Methodology and techniques.
* Store Location Strategies
* Store Assessment Procedures
* Traditional Methods of Sales Forecasting
* Modern Methods of Sales Forecasting
* Evaluating Retail Trading Performances

Concluding Comments