Nondetects and Data Analysis: Statistics for Censored Environmental Data

  • Publish Date: 2004-11-08
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Dennis R. Helsel;USGS
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Statistical methods for interpreting and analyzing censored environmental data

Nondetects And Data Analysis: Statistics for Censored Environmental Data provides solutions for environmental scientists and professionals who need to interpret and analyze data that fall below the laboratory detection limit. Adapting survival analysis methods that have been successfully used in medical and industrial research, the author demonstrates, for the first time, their practical applications for studies of trace chemicals in air, water, soils, and biota. Readers quickly become proficient in these methods through the use of real-world examples that are solved using MINITAB Release 14, a popular statistical software package, as well as other commonly used software packages.

Everything needed to master these innovative statistical methods is provided, including:

  • Accompanying Web site featuring answers to book exercises and datasets, as well as MINITAB macros to perform methods, which are not available in the commercial version
  • Methods for data with multiple detection limits
  • Solutions for research studies in which all data are below detection limits
  • Techniques for constructing confidence, prediction, and tolerance intervals for data with nond-tects
  • Methods for data with multiple detection limits

Chapters are organized by objective, such as computing intervals, comparing groups, and correlations, which enables readers to more easily apply the text to their particular research and goals. Extensive references to the literature for more in-depth research are provided; however, the text itself avoids complex math and calculus making it accessible to anyone in the environmental sciences. Environmental scientists and professionals will find the hands-on guidance and practical examples invaluable.