A Visual Introduction to SQL

  • Publish Date: 1989-03-13
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: J. Harvey Trimble Jr.;David Chappell
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A Visual Introduction to SQL Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard tool for retrieving information from relational databases. A Visual Introduction to SQL shows how the apparent complexity of a SQL query can be resolved into transparent clarity using a simple visual representation. A breakthrough approach to understanding SQL, the graphical technique shown on the books cover is the basis of this example-filled book, allowing anyone to understand and use SQL. No prior knowledge of database systems is assumed, so whether you are seeing SQL for the first time or already have some experience with the language, A Visual Introduction to SQL is for you:

  • For SQL beginners, the books unique graphical approach makes learning this sometimes unfriendly language much easier;
  • For those with some SQL experience, A Visual Introduction to SQL provides an understanding of the languages underlying structure, thus making the construction of even complex queries intuitively obvious;
  • For daily SQL users, the wealth of examples contained in this book provide quick, easy-to-reference answers to frequently asked questions.
No matter what SQL system you use, A Visual Introduction to SQL is essential to your understanding of the language. Foreword by David Liddle, Chairman and Cofounder of Metaphore Computer Systems.