The Shell Hacker's Guide to X and Motif: Custom Power Tools and Windows Manager Tricks

  • Publish Date: 1994-08-25
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Alan Southerton
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The Shell Hackers Guide to X and Motif Written by the highly respected UNIXWorld editor, this practical, hands-on guide shows UNIX users how to effectively manage and customize the X window environment at the window manager level. Requiring only a basic familiarity with UNIX commands and shell script programming in UNIX, The Shell Hackers Guide to X and Motif includes numerous utilities for modifying menus, colors and fonts, mouse behavior, and customized windows and keyboards. In addition, it develops numerous utilities for the desktop, using Motif menu functions, X clients, and UNIX shell commands. In a clear, step-by-step fashion, this unique tool:

  • Demonstrates why window manager level remains the optimal level at which to control X
  • Introduces X resources from the X client viewpoint
  • Explains the nuts and bolts of Motif menus, including quick reference to Motif menu functions
  • Presents two fully developed and complete menu shellsone for general purpose Motif and one for Motif on Sun Systems
  • Shows how to combine the power of UNIX with the menu capabilities of Motif to build the ultimate menu system
  • Reveals how to customize the root window and turn it into a solid productivity tool
  • Describes how to maximize the XTerm terminal emulator
  • Offers an optional disk packed with ready-to-implement utilities plus Xmenua complete environment for customizing X