Fixed-Income Synthetic Assets: Packaging, Pricing, and Trading Strategies for Financial Professionals

  • Publish Date: 1992-09-17
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Perry H. Beaumont
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The comprehensive guide to creating, valuing, and trading today's most innovative fixed-income securities . Financial markets worldwide are being flooded with a wealth of innovative and increasingly complex securities. Now, more than ever, fixed-income professionals must understand how these synthetic instruments are structured and traded, and how to profitably integrate them into an overall financial strategy. Fixed-Income Synthetic Assets supplies this crucial working knowledge. This results-driven primer delivers the proven tools and techniques for packaging, pricing, and trading these innovative products. From A-tranche CMOs to Zero coupon bonds, this unique sourcebook guides both the novice and the professional through the full range of innovative synthetic structures and their manifold uses. It's packed with easy-to-use formulas and charts, as well as clear, step-by-step discussions of financial theory that promote clear understanding of the most complex fixed-income financial engineering strategies and practices. This timely sourcebook is designed to help traders, arbitrageurs, speculators, and financial executives profit from the financial markets of today, and successfully prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow. Perry H. Beaumont offers a logical, well organized book filled with examples. His step-by-step explanations make it easy to decipher some of today's most sophisticated financial instruments. --Ira G. Kawaller Vice President, Director of New York Office, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Fixed-Income Synthetic Assets is a practical guide to state-of-the-art financial practice. An excellent tool for the financial manager trading in the markets and applying the latest financial techniques. --David Robison Vice President & Treasurer Chrysler Financial Corporation