Practical Image Processing in C: Acquisition, Manipulation, Storage (Wiley Professional Computing)

  • Publish Date: 1991-01-13
  • Binding: CD-ROM
  • Author: Craig A. Lindley
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In light of the revolution in imaging technology, this book brings image acquisition and processing capabilities within the reach of the individual. It presents the hardware design and fabrication of what may be the world's lowest cost video digitizer input device for the PC, allowing still video images to be imported into a PC from a low cost television camera for display or manipulation. The book then shows how to display images on PCs and discusses the software required to make a digitizer produce images. Useful example programs illustrate the concepts presented. Because digitized images must be put into a form to be manipulated by other application programs in order to be useful, the book covers PCX and TIFF graphic file formats, and provides C code for reading and writing each format. Employing a practical rather than rigorous mathematical approach, the book also discusses classical image processing. Each major class of algorithm is illustrated with example C codes and images that show the effect of the algorithm.