Software Reviews and Audits Handbook

  • Publish Date: 1990-09-19
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Charles P. Hollocker
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A practical guide to quality evaluations for all types of software projects Software Reviews and Audits Handbook Written for persons responsible for software quality programs, as well as those who schedule and perform reviews and audits, Software Reviews and Audits Handbook offers practical guidance on quality assurance and evaluations for all types of software projects. Packed with process definitions, this handbook describes when to use them and includes sample materials illustrating how to use them. It provides detailed discussions of implementation challenges, specific application needs, and establishes sound starting points for improving communications, the quality of delivered products, and the sense of participation and achievement. Features:

  • A program framework for viewing product realization and process improvement projects
  • A definitive management review process for project reviews, addressing concept closure, project definition and funding, product realization, trial readiness, and general market availability
  • Distinct process definitions for popular product reviews (the technical review, software inspection, and walkthrough processes)
  • An audit process for product, process, project, and program evaluations, respective of a variety of application needs
  • Numerous checklists, forms, letters, and reports for developing documents to meet specific needs
Software Reviews and Audits Handbook is the third book in the Wiley Series in Software Engineering Practice.