Jake Bernstein's Seasonal Futures Spreads: High-Probability Seasonal Spreads for Futures Traders

  • Publish Date: 1990-02-07
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Jacob Bernstein
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Jake Bernstein's Seasonal Futures Spreads High-Probability Seasonal Spreads for Futures Traders If you're a futures trader or investor, this book is what you've been waiting for. Jake Bernstein explains the seasonal characteristics of a wide range of traditional commodity spreads--grains, meats, livestock, metals, fiber, food, and wood--as well as the seasonal patterns of such popular financial futures as interest rates, foreign currency, and stock index futures. You'll learn everything you need to know--including the basics of spreading and seasonals, how to use seasonal composite spread charts, and how to devise and implement a year-round trading strategy based strictly on seasonal patterns. All spreads featured in this book are shown in composite weekly seasonal tendency charts which list percent of time up or down per spread on a weekly basis. Other Wiley books by Jake Bernstein . The Investor's Quotient The Psychology of Successful Investing in Commodities and Stocks Beyond the Investor's Quotient The Inner World of Investing the Handbook of Commodity Cycles A Window on Time Seasonal Concepts in Futures Trading Turning Seasonality into Profits Cyclic Analysis in Futures Trading Contemporary Methods and Procedures