Ramsey Theory, 2nd Edition

  • Publish Date: 1990-03-02
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Ronald L. Graham;Bruce L. Rothschild;Joel H. Spencer
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Praise for the First Edition

Anyone interested in getting an introduction to Ramsey theory will find this illuminating...
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Covering all the major concepts, proofs, and theorems, the Second Edition of Ramsey Theory is the ultimate guide to understanding every aspect of Shelahs proof, as well as the original proof of van der Waerden. The book offers a historical perspective of Ramseys fundamental paper from 1930 and Erdos and Szekeres article from 1935, while placing the various theorems in the context of T. S. Motzkins thought on the subject of Complete Disorder is Impossible.

Ramsey Theory, Second Edition includes new and exciting coverage of Graph Ramsey Theory and Euclidean Ramsey Theory and also relates Ramsey Theory to other areas in discrete mathematics. In addition, the book features the unprovability results of Paris and Harrington and the methods from topological dynamics pioneered by Furstenburg.

Featuring worked proofs and outside applications, Ramsey Theory, Second Edition addresses:

  • Ramsey and density theorems on both broad and meticulous scales
  • Extentions and implications of van der Waerdens Theorem, the Hales-Jewett Theorem, Roths Theorem, Rados Theorem, Szemeredis Theorem, and the Shelah Proof
  • Regular homogeneous and nonhomogeneous systems and equations
  • Special cases and broader interdisciplinary applications of Ramsey Theory principles

An invaluable reference for professional mathematicians working in discrete mathematics, combinatorics, and algorithms, Ramsey Theory, Second Edition is the definitive work on the subject.