Essentials of Computational Chemistry: Theories and Models

  • Publish Date: 2002-04-26
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Christopher J. Cramer
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Throughout chemistry, computational techniques are becoming increasingly important. Problem solving and modelling is quickly achievable but as the power of computers increases so does the complexity of the tasks and the speed at which they are solved.
A basic understanding of the theory and concepts underpinning computational chemistry is therefore essential to all chemical science students, and Essentials of Computational Chemistry: Theory and Models delivers a thorough insight in a readable and approachable manner.
* Accessible as a text to advanced undergraduate students as well as graduate students
* Emphasises the basic concepts and applications rather than theory and mathematics
* Firmly places the subject in context, including many examples and applications
* Includes coverage and examples from inorganic, organic and biological chemistry and covers quantum mechanical and classical mechanical models
* Includes case histories that serve as an ideal basis for classroom discussion
* Delivers information in a readable and approachable manner