Chemodynamics: Environmental Movement of Chemicals in Air, Water, and Soil

  • Publish Date: 1979-07-26
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Louis J. Thibodeaux
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Reviews existing knowledge in the natural and engineering sciences to determine the rates, lifetimes, routes, and reservoirs of chemicals moving through the environment and to estimate the level of exposure to susceptible living and nonliving targets. Uses simple models and ideas as guides in constructing integrated environmental and ecosystem models for simulating chemical movement and fate. Coverage includes phase equilibrium and transport processes; the interphase and intraphase transport process; movement of inorganic and organic chemicals across the air-water interface; desorption of chemicals from the mud-water interface; volatilization of pesticides from air-soil surfaces; and vertical distribution of dissolved, reactive chemicals in stratified waterbodies. Includes numerous problems from current literature and appendices with chemical, physical, transport, and environmental data.