Wiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry

  • Publish Date: 1995-05-08
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Steven M. Kaplan
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Over the past decade, a variety of factors has lead to increased commercial, cultural, and intellectual traffic between the English- and Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas. This intercourse has produced a growing need for precise communication between users these two languages, especially when the information communicated is of a highly specialized or technical nature. This need is nowhere greater than in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.

Wiley's English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary of Psychiatry and Psychology is the only book of its kind. It provides concise, comprehensive, and current coverage of virtually every word or phrase used in the study and practice of psychiatry and psychology. This unique and useful resource contains more than 62,000 entries-30,000-plus in each languagecovering all disciplines and subdisciplines, both research and clinical. The equivalents provided are designed to be understood by a majority of fluent speakers, especially those trained in these fields.

Featuring an extremely user-friendly format, this dictionary was designed for quick reference and clarity. It directs you instantly to the precise equivalent you need without first rerouting you through a maze of other irrelevant terms and phrases. Gender neutral equivalents are provided, and in cases where the gender-specific term is the norm, both are given. For idiomatic expressions, conceptual equivalents are provided, rather than literal translations. Phrases that begin with the same word or words are provided as separate entries, and the same is true for words that serve more than one grammatical function (e.g., articulate).

This indispensable tool encourages and facilitates the sharing of ideas across linguistic, cultural, and international boundaries. For psychiatrists, psychologists, students, translators and interpreters who need quick easy access to equivalent terms in Spanish and English, there is simply no other source.

Comprehensive bilingual coverage of more than 62,000 essential words and phrases spanning all psychological and psychiatric disciplines, both research and clinical.

Wiley's English/Spanish and Spanish/English Dictionary of Psychiatry and Psychology provides a ready reference to more than 62,000 essential terms and phrases from all disciplines and subdisciplines in psychiatry and psychology. Renowned professional translator Steven M. Kaplan.