Introduction to Corporate Finance

  • Publish Date: 2007-06-11
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Laurence Booth;W. Sean Cleary
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Because students are motivated to learn finance if they are shown how it is relevant to their world, each chapter of Introduction to Corporate Finance is written with engaging examples and a wealth of detail. In addition, the following features are also included:

* Finance in the News: Each chapter includes an article or item from the financial press that is integrated into the main discussion of the chapter, to help students draw the connection between theory and application.

* Ethics and Corporate Governance: Found at the end of each part in the text, this feature includes an item relating to ethics and corporate governance and how these issues affect corporations today. These items are accompanied by questions to help launch in-class analysis and discussion

* Financial Calculator Keystrokes: All relevant demonstration problems include actual keystrokes for the TI BAII calculator.

* Excel Spreadsheet Commands: All relevant demonstration problems include Excel spreadsheet commands.

Because students cannot learn finance unless they practice homework problems, Introduction to Corporate Finance comes complete with WileyPLUS--a powerful online tool that includes an electronic version of the text. WileyPLUS provides the technology to create an environment where students reach their full potential and experience academic success that will last them a lifetime! Instructors are provided with a wealth of resources, including presentation and preparation tools, easy-to-navigate assignment and assessment tools, and a complete system to enable them to administer and manage their course exactly as they wish.