Winning the Food Fight: Every Parent's Guide to Raising a Healthy, Happy Child

  • Publish Date: 2003-04-04
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Dr. Joey Shulman
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Helping our children to eat wisely is all-important, especially becuase they are subject to so many commercial pressures to make unhealthy food choices. Dr. Joey Shulman combines the most accurate, scientific information on nutrition and health with practical advice for parents concerned about their children's well-being. I recommend this book highly.
Dr. Andrew Weil, bestselling author of Eating Well for Optimum Health

You want to give your child the best start, the best food, but you're not sure where to begin. If you've thrown up your hands in nutritional bewilderment, look no further! Winning the Food Fight is the ultimate resource for every frustrated parent. Packed with tips on how to transition your kids from a fat-laden, sugar-sweet diet to a natural, nutritious way of eating, this book is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. From achieving optimal health to feeding a child suffering from obesity, ear infectious or attention deficit disorder, Winning the Food Fight offers all the nutritional answers. Sensible advice from Dr. Joey Shulman, a nutritionist who works with kids daily, can get your family on the right track.


  • How parental attitudes toward food can shape a family's eating habits
  • Simple plans every family can implement to improve their health
  • All about carbs and kids - what's good and what's bad for your growing child
  • The powerful link between common childhood ailments and nutrition.
  • Delicious, nutritious recipes and food plans for families on the go
  • Healthy alternatives to your children's favorite foods
  • How you can deal with ADD and ADHD by modifying your child's diet
  • All this, and much, much more

Start today with Winning the Food Fight. It may be the most important food choice you'll ever make for your kids.