Chemistry of Zeolites and Related Porous Materials: Synthesis and Structure

  • Publish Date: 2007-09-17
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Ruren Xu;Wenqin Pang;Jihong Yu;Qisheng Huo;Jiesheng Chen
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Widely used in adsorption, catalysis and ion exchange, the family of molecular sieves such as zeolites has been greatly extended and many advances have recently been achieved in the field of molecular sieves synthesis and related porous materials. Chemistry of Zeolites and Related Porous Materials focuses on the synthetic and structural chemistry of the major types of molecular sieves. It offers a systematic introduction to and an in-depth discussion of microporous, mesoporous, and macroporous materials and also includes metal-organic frameworks.

  • Provides focused coverage of the key aspects of molecular sieves
  • Features two frontier subjects: molecular engineering and host-guest advanced materials
  • Comprehensively covers both theory and application with particular emphasis on industrial uses

This book is essential reading for researches in the chemical and materials industries and research institutions. The book is also indispensable for researches and engineers in R&D (for catalysis) divisions of companies in petroleum refining and the petrochemical and fine chemical industries.