Health Insurance Today - Text and Adaptive Learning Package, 5e

  • Publish Date: 2014-10-28
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Janet I. Beik AA BA MEd
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Corresponding chapter-by-chapter to Health Insurance Today, 5e, Elsevier Adaptive Learning combines the power of brain science with sophisticated, patented Cerego algorithms to help you learn faster and remember longer. Its fun; its engaging; and its constantly tracking your performance and adapting to deliver content precisely when its needed to ensure core information is transformed into lasting knowledge.

  • An individual study schedule
  • reduces cognitive workload and helps you become a more effective learner by automatically guiding the learning and review process.
  • The mobile app offers a seamless learning experience between your smartphone and the web with your memory profile maintained and managed in the cloud.
  • UNIQUE! Your memory strength is profiled at the course, chapter, and item level to identify personal learning and forgetting patterns.
  • UNIQUE! Material is re-presented just before you would naturally forget it to counteract memory decay.
  • A personalized learning pathway is established based on your learning profile, memory map, and time required to demonstrate information mastery.
  • The comprehensive student dashboard allows you to view your personal learning progress.